Adult attachment style and use of pornography among intimate romantic relationships

The current study explored the relationship between adult attachment style, pornography use, and relationship satisfaction. Past research has shown that when couple members are honest about their pornography use, relationship satisfaction tends to be higher than when couple members lie about using pornography. The literature, however, has not investigated the relationship between adult attachment styles and the use of pornography. First, results of this study revealed a significant difference in relationship satisfaction between those who watched pornography alone and with a partner and the group who reported watching pornography just alone. Next, contrary to what was hypothesized, participants with a dismissive attachment style were not more likely to watch pornography alone than those with secure, preoccupied, or fearful attachment styles. Lastly, the data did not support the hypothesis that individuals with a secure attachment style would be less likely to use pornography than insecure individuals. Overall, while the results were not what was predicted, it does appear that pornography use can influence relationship satisfaction and, therefore, could be an important topic to bring up in clinical settings. Keywords: pornography, attachment style, relationship satisfaction, adult attachment