Teacher Perspectives in Using Technology to Support English Learners

Supporting English learners in the classroom is essential to their academic success. Using classroom technology as a support system can help students achieve Common Core State Standards (CCSS) expectations. There are a variety of challenges that hinder the classroom teacher’s ability to use technology to reach all students. This study identified the key practices and processes that enabled the educator to use technology to support the learning of English learners. The purpose of this study was to focus on teacher perceptions when identifying technology to help enhance teaching, curriculum, and instruction to support English Language Learners (ELL) in the acquisition of language skills. In this case study, the researcher derived an in-depth understanding of six teachers in a real world context. The study found that teachers used technology to support language development, as well as math support. The online technology they used was through Google Apps and the 123’s Online Technology Resource Page. Instructional leaders should focus on providing the necessary tools to support English language learners in the classroom and developing more opportunities for students to practice their language skills through the use of technology.