Applied Scientific Monitoring and Project Management with The Bay Foundation

The objective of my internship with The Bay Foundation was two-fold: I gained familiarity with assorted ecological monitoring and restoration techniques while also understanding general project implementation and management processes. The Bay Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the Santa Monica Bay through planning, education, research, cleanup efforts, and other restoration projects. I worked with the organization to continue the implementation and management of restoration plans for the LAX dunes, Santa Monica Beach, and the Malibu Lagoon. I learned various monitoring procedures to be utilized when creating future environmental projects. Hoping to move into the sustainability field, it is critical to have a comprehensive catalog of different methods and markers to assess long-term program success. The other objective of the experience was to acquire a stronger proficiency in large-scale project implementation, which includes designing master plans, permitting, building partnerships, physical implementation, and continued monitoring and maintenance strategies. Lastly, I gained numerous relevant contacts and partnerships to help advise me in the future.