Masters Thesis

Language and culture through linguistics for Black children.

In the effort to do this thesis on the subject of Black English and Black culture and the teaching implications of standard English to Black children, the researcher found very little research had been done until recently. There were few books in print on the subject, and most of the available material is found in current journals and periodicals. Since the study of Black English is a relatively new venture, there is little more to go on than several opinions and even fewer studies. The researcher feels, however, that the apparently increasing concern by linguists and educators to study the problems of teaching Black English, Afro culture, and standard English to Black children who speak non- standard forms is more than enough evidence that the problem does exist, not only for the speaker of nonstandard Black English, but for those of us who wish to amend these problems via the teaching process of our educational system. The cultural implications are many, and the social and educational consequences are an issue of concern to everyone. Many linguists and educators have studied the learning ability of Black students in relation to White students in schools across the country; both have sought methods, but both have questioned whether language and cultural differences have any effect on the learning ability of Black and White students.

Le relazioni