Capstone project

Sulzer RTA slow-speed diesel engine simulator

The following is a proposal to design and construct an electronic simulator. The simulator would demonstrate the engine control logic for a Sulzer RTA Slow-Speed diesel engine. The control logic diagram would be shown graphically on a 6'x 8' wood panel. On the panel, the components of the control system would be shown along with LED displays showing the flow of logic. The different types of mediums -- pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical -- would be shown in different colors. The flow of logic would be controlled by the state of system components and system interlocks and safeguards. Under normal conditions the simulator operator would energize the simulator and select "Start Engine." The simulator would then mock the Sulzer control system by showing, graphically, how the engine prepares itself for starting, how it checks itself, and how it starts. (This all takes place at a much reduced speed than in the actual system so that it can be followed easily). The operator has the option of placing a bug in the system and causing the engine to fail to start. To achieve this, switches are placed in the system acting as component conditions and interlocks. This simulator could be used as an instructional aide. It could be useful when employed either in learning the logic system, or troubleshooting it.