Over 60 : selected topics of interest

The field of gerontology is expanding because of the current shift in demographics in the United States. This project is directed to people 60 to 70 years of age who are either contemplating retirement or are newly retired. However some of the material presented is applicable to the entire elderly population. The information in the project can be used either by professionals and students or can be changed into lectures for the elderly themselves. There are three topics covered in the project: retirement, housing, and nutrition and exercise. The section on retirement approaches the subject from both the historical and financial perspective as well as a practical and constructive point of view. The object of the section on nutrition and exercise is to point out the special nutritional problems of the elderly as well as measures needed to maintain optimum health. Also, an exercise program geared for older individuals is included. The section on housing discusses the reasonable and feasible alternatives available as housing options open to the elderly. Housing is an especially sensitive subject since it affects both physical and mental well being. This project has a balanced approach to the subjects considering not only the problems, but also current resource materials which can provide information.