Social Work and Sports: Advantages for Student Athletes On /Off the Field.

Athlete students and non – athlete student have similar stressors such as transitioning into college life, moving away from home, and adapting to a rigorous school schedule. However, an athletic student will have more to endure given the transition is much more than of a non- student athlete. According to (A. Jazeera, 2015) study show that only 2% of student athletes become pro athletes. So what happens to 98% that doesn’t make it pro? The purpose of this research was to explore the narratives of former student athletes and the obstacles they encounter during this transition and the possible advantages of having a social worker on and off the field, while playing the sport and during the transition of not being a student athlete. In addition, student athletes need support transitioning from the experience as a student athlete; especially if the student does not get recruited as a pro, the adjustment to life after sports can take a serious toll on the individual (Helix Magazine, 2013).