Masters Thesis

An applied research study of an integrated health care organization: expanding the mission of the patient representative

The Integrated Health Care Organization referenced in this paper has a service unit known as the Patient Representatives. The role was created as part of strategic planning to improve the overall service level provided throughout the organization. Patient Representatives were put in place to provide assistance to members and provide service recovery to members when there is a breakdown of on brand service. Recent reorganization of the department has highlighted a variety of issues including a lack of interested candidates for the job, no specific job expectations or goals, and an overall negative peer view of the role. In this study the researcher compared and contrasted organizational theory and the current design of the Patient Reprehensive role. There were several disconnections between the organization and the role identified in the areas of structure, function, technology, culture, power, job responsibilities, motivation, and accountability. The researcher provides recommendations to reconnect the role back to its department and organization by creating an environment by which the employees can be successful. This includes providing the Patient Representatives with the necessary technology, authority, and job design to improve their satisfaction and capabilities. The researcher also recommends that the Patient Representatives be assigned cascading organization goals and targets to achieve. As engagement of the Patient Representative grows the organization will benefit.


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