Masters Thesis

The Window for California to enact parental notification and waiting period on abortion

Over the past years, the issue of allowing a minor to obtain an abortion without parental involvement has become an ongoing battle for the State of California. According to statistics, California is the state with the most abortions a year. Moreover, the statistics have also indicated that minors are most likely to have unplanned pregnancies, which end in abortion. Therefore, this issue has become an unavailable issue that must be addressed in order to help, guide, and protect our younger generation. The following study is a policy analysis and will do three things. First, the study will conduct a literature review to better understand the problem and determine a more effective solution to reducing the abortion rate among minors. Secondly, the three propositions that were presented to Californians will be review to help determine why all three propositions were rejected. Last, the theory “Window of Opportunity” will be presented along with the specific window California needs in order to enact parental involvement laws. In addition, three recommendations will be offer on what California can do to implement an abortion law. Several recommendations are included in this study. The State of California needs to gather more information and data in connection to minors, parental involvement, and consent laws. If California wants to implement an abortion law, proponents need to follow the proper steps for a window of opportunity to open. The key recommendations are: • Connect the issue to a critical problem (For example, find a correlation between minors getting pregnant and obtaining abortions to an increase of minors dropping out school, committing crimes, an increase of tax dollars, and an increase of families under poverty.) • Look into further research and connect the findings to decision maker’s values, cost-effectiveness, and try to appeal to the public • Last, get more elected officials to support the issue and change the political mood to favor the issue


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