"Building a Bridge for First Generation Middle Eastern Immigrant Students" A School Counseling Workshop on How to Assist First Generation Immigrant High School Students

The aim for this project is to assist Professional High School Counselors (PSC) with their interactions with first generation Middle Eastern immigrants. This project focus on detecting signs of Homesickness, Trauma; especially Refugee Trauma, and introduce Trauma Focus- Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) as a therapeutic approach, and gives tools and information to PSC to use in their interventions with students. First Generation Immigrant Students from the Middle East can come with a variety of issues and experiences to the host country, and during the transition, each individual experiences difficulties and hardships. After reaching their new country, immigrants/refugees will require assistance in order to be able to assimilate to the host country’s culture. This assistance and time most likely will determine the immigrant’s/refugee’s success or failure in their new home. Experiencing homesickness, trauma, and detachment in a new school environment can be a common symptom for the new arrivals, and the focus of this project is to bring awareness for professional school counselors, and assist them to build a safe space for first generation Middle Eastern immigrant students.