Teachers' Perspective of the Effectiveness of a Commercial Language Arts Program that Supports Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities

The purpose of this study was to determine teachers’ perspective on the potential effectively a commercial language arts curriculum supports students with mild and moderate disabilities. The following research questions guided this study: What is the perspective of educators on the adoption committee for the language arts program? What are the most beneficial components of the program in supporting learners with mild and moderate disabilities? How accessible program component to educators? The researcher used a mixed methods approach that included an online survey and personal interviews. The participants in this study included middle –level general educators who teach in classrooms that include students with mild and moderate disabilities. The results suggest that participants felt that the program had embedded differentiated components that utilized some universal design for learning principles. The content videos and interactive whiteboard lessons were considered engaging and scaffolded instruction. However, the writing component of the program was less favored by the participants. Needed is further research on the relevance and effectiveness of commercial programs to the education of students with disabilities in general education classrooms