Reasons to worry

Reasons to Worry is a collection of short stories and flash fiction focused on the traditions of literary fabulism and speculative fiction. Their genres span across cyberpunk, gothic, folklore, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and cosmicism. Each narrative explores different aspects of anxiety, self-identity, and personal metamorphosis, often interweaving humor, satire, and hyperbole to emphasize these themes and to create undercurrents of meaning. Reasons to Worry also seeks to blur the lines between what is considered the real and the fantastic, posing the question of “what if?” and seeks to eventually supplant this speculation with the revelation of “what is.” The critical introduction of this project provides a deeper examination of its incorporated craft elements such as the strategic use of genre, subtlety, and form. It expands on these with examples supplemented by the works of Charles Baxter, Rob Davidson, Tara L. Masih, Herman Melville, Maria Romasco Moore, Annie Neugebauer, Virgilio Piñera, and Neal Stephenson. Additionally, it touches on a few of its methods of inspiration, revision, and the evolution of its overall style into its current iteration.