The impact of complementary therapies on cancer patient caregivers' quality of life

The purpose of this study was to determine if cancer patient caregivers’ quality of life was improved by their participation in the complementary therapies offered by Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center. This study compared two groups, caregivers that participated in complementary therapies and caregivers that did not participate in complementary therapies. The results showed that there is a difference in the overall quality of life between these two groups, with cancer patient caregivers that utilized complementary therapies reporting a better quality of life. The greatest differences were seen in their relationship with others, mental functioning, emotional state, and attitude towards life. From this study it is apparent that future research needs to utilize randomized trials with control groups to better determine the efficacy of complementary therapies in improving the quality of life of cancer patient caregivers. Social workers must educate themselves on these programs and provide these resources to their clients of diverse backgrounds.