Masters Thesis

The influence of thermal comfort on perceptual preference

This study was concerned with the establishment of a connection between thermal discomfort and perceptual preference. The reasoning for such a study and how it fits into the broad scheme of geography necessitates the weaving of several different themes and ideas into a single concept. The first chapter is involved in that synthesis. Generally, the synthesis is pursued inductively, starting with the idea of the man-environment relationship in geography and devel- oping themes associated with that large field, including com- fort and perception. Next follows a heavy borrowing of material from psychology, first a discussion of perception as presented by psychologists and then a survey of pertinent ideas relating to perception and motivation. The last strand of thought concerns perception and adaptation and introduces ideas involving aesthetics and physiognomies. Lastly comes the unification of these disparate elements into the main theme and statement of purpose of this study. Some of the ideas presented in this chapter may seem rather unusual for a study in geography, but all are important to the understanding of what is essentially a geographic investigation.

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