Seismic upgrade of an existing masonry building

This report proposes a seismic retrofit strategy of a 1-story existing building with reinforced masonry walls and a flexible wood diaphragm. Significant structural deficiencies are identified from procedures described in ASCE 31 (2003) and include diaphragm to shear wall connections, collector element, and out-of-plane anchorage for the masonry shear walls. Equivalent lateral seismic loads are applied to the structure such that all critical load paths are designed and detailed for a base shear using a seismic response coefficient, R = 3.5, and an importance factor, I = 1.25. Capacity design and retrofit checks followed procedures details in ASCE 7-10 and ASCE 41. Considering the seismic deficiencies this structure has, the retrofit strategy and proposed details could be applicable to a plethora of reinforced masonry structures in high, or moderate, seismic regions.