Curriculum for Learners Impacted by Deficits in Executive Functioning to Support Successful Participation in the Educational Setting

The purpose of this project was to develop an evidence-based curriculum that effectively addresses deficits in executive functioning among high school-aged learners impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders, including students experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. The guiding question for this project was, Which explicit instruction strategies/curriculum can be utilized with learners impacted by deficits in executive functions to support successful participation in the educational setting? The methodology for creating the curriculum involved researching curricula that have been found to strengthen the major domains impacted by executive dysfunction in learners. Empirical studies, meta-analyses, curriculum resources, and various cognitive behavior interventions were examined (through reading books and attending conferences) with the purpose of identifying best practices for direct strategy instruction to effectively develop multiple dimensions of executive dysfunction for students enrolled in a newly created intervention program. The curriculum that was the product of this project can be successfully adapted in a developmentally appropriate manner to meet the needs of students at any grade level.