A Compilation Of Latin American Musical Genres In The Form Of An Album

Latin America has a rich musical tradition that varies from nation to nation and culture to culture. In order to scratch the surface and capture just a portion of this musical richness, I have compiled an album of Spanish-language music. The musical traditions represented in this album include Mexican bolero, Cuban musical styles, Puerto Rican bolero and plena, Afro- Peruvian, and Mexican ranchera music. The featured compositions include: Cuando Estoy Contigo, Contigo Aprendí, Contigo En La Distancia, Cardo O Ceniza, Cuando Llora Mi Guitarra, Mal Paso, Nuestro Juramento, Mar Y Cielo, Ódiame, Lágrimas Negras, La Charreada, and Guadalajara. For the sake of this report, the discussion of these songs will be grouped into the cultural styles in which they were performed. In addition, the accompanying project report will discuss the methodology and significance of this album, as well as offer an overview of the songs performed and the traditions from which they originate. The intention of this project report is to accompany the album with which it is associated and offer a deeper insight into the process and intention of this musically and culturally significant endeavor.