Adapting love and logic skills for the strength based classroom

Successful and practical classroom management strategies can alleviate teacher stress and burnout rates. Despite the lack of support teachers report in implementing behavioral modifications, positive research-based approaches like the ones taught in the Love and Logic (LL) Curriculum have been found to establish a safe learning environment, develop problem-solving skills, and personal responsibility among students. This project researches the value of these approaches and offers a technology-based resource as a solution for implementation. The web-based application created in this project serves as a reference for skills adopted from LL workshops that teach a variety of strategies and interventions. Ruddell (2011) suggests that Love and Logic has been chosen by school leaders as a positive behavioral support school-wide management plan. An in-depth review of the literature introduces the Love and Logic theoretical framework and identifies techniques and suggestions for implementation. The sum of this information will be used to develop a web-based application readily available on any smartphone, to help solidify skills learned in the LL teacher trainings and support all teachers who need quick solutions to the daily disruptions they commonly face in the classroom.