Masters Thesis

The biology of the marine copepod, Tigriopus californicus (Baker)

The marine copepod, Tigriopus californicus (Baker), is commonly found in high rocky splash-pools between Alaska and Lower California. In this habitat the animal has the ability of withstanding a great range of temperature and salinity. The body of this work is concerned with experi-ments designed to investigate the temperature and salinity tolerances of T. californicus. Because this genus is cos-mopolitan and is easily maintained under laboratory conditions, it has been the subject of world-wide study. Several of the experiments described in this paper are near replicas of work previously done by Ranade (1957) on the European species, Tigriopus fulvus, and by Takeda (1951) on the Japanese form, Tigriopus japonicus. This study was begun in June of 1960 and terminated January 1961. During this time data were obtained on T. californicus concerning: population characteristics, re-production, environmental relationships, morphological charac-teristics, and temperature and salinity tolerances.