Asperger's syndrome: a handbook for teachers

The purpose of this graduate project is to develop a handbook to (1) educate teachers and other educational professionals about Asperger's Syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's Disorder (AD); (2) increase teachers understanding of the daily lives of parents and their children with Asperger's Syndrome; and (3) provide strategies for helping these children learn by providing insight to teaching professionals. The project was evaluated by pre-school teachers as well as the director of the department. The teachers were given a copy of the handbook and were asked questions based upon the information given to them. The questions focused on the handbook utility, whether the teachers had experience working with children who had Asperger's Syndrome or other learning disabilities, and what other information would be helpful to them in the classroom. Through the evaluation, I have learned that the handbook was useful to the teachers, specifically the strategies. Teachers reported these strategies to be practical and effective in the classroom.