Rasquache or Die!: Chican@/Latin@ Punks Presente!

Chian@s/ Latin@s have a tradition in subcultural spaces whether dancing in their neatly pressed zoot suits, riding their lowriders, or jumping in the mosh pit. This tradition has continued for Chican@s/ Latin@s in punk who continue to live Mi (Our) Vida Loca defying society, broadening what it means to be Chican@/ Latin@, and asserting their identities, though their detachment and sense of cool have taken a different direction. This project explores what it means to be a punk for a Chican@/ Latin@ who is already at the margin. By exploring these complex identities I unearthed stories of misogyny and homophobia as patriarchy has seeped through what is suppose to be an anti-status quo scene. I also found stories of community and hope as Chican@/Latin@ punks have continued to build a network of friends and family locally and transnationally. By looking at the punk scene through the perspective of punks who have been active since the 90's and those who have become active in the new millennium, we can see how the scene has changed and remained the same, we can see the development of consciousness yet the ways people have been unable to let go of systems of oppression and reproduced them in the scene.