Teachers' self-perceptions of expectations of Title I and non-Title I students

The purpose of this study was to explore teachers' expectations of Title I and non-Title I students. Teachers who participated in this study have experience teaching in both Title I and non-Title I schools, and work in three different school districts in North San Diego County. Research shows holding students to high expectations can help increase student achievement. With the school accountability standards put in place by the state of California, raising student achievement is at the forefront of most, if not all, school districts in the state; therefore, exploring teacher expectations of student achievement is important, not only because individual student progress can be affected, but because the reputation of public schools is also affected due to the emphasis on test scores. The findings of this study were mixed as far as teacher expectations of student achievement. Some of the participants felt Title I students were just as capable as their non-Title I students, while others did not. Recommendations for teachers of both Title I and non-Title I students are included.