A feminist group experience

There will come a time, I know, when people will take delight in one another, when each will be a star to the other, and when each will listen to his fellow as to music. Then free men will upon the earth, men great in their freedom. They will walk with open hearts, and the heart of each will be pure of envy and greed, and therefore all mankind will be without malice, and there will be nothing to divorce the heart from reason. Then life will be one great service to man! His figure will be raised to lofty heights-for to free men all heights are attainable. Then we shall live in truth and freedom and in beauty, and those will be accounted the best who will the more widely embrace the world with their hearts, and whose love of it will be the profoundest; those will be the best who will be the freest; for in them is the greatest beauty. Then will life be great, and the people will be great who live that life. Maxim Gorky. The above quotation (Luft,1970) expresses some of the basic yearnings of human beings--to know--to listen--to feel--to be. “Perhaps the hearts of people will never “be pure of envy and greed " and "without malice " but there is a need and a search for human contact and freedom of expression that has moved parts of our society toward the group movement. Carl Rogers considers the encounter group as perhaps the most significant social invention of this century” Rogers, 1968). Maslow (1965) also views group experiences as "genuine contributions for growth and increased psychological soundness”. (See more in text.)