Design of a broadband amplifier (13-26 ghz)

ABSTRACT Design of a Broadband Amplifier At 13GHz to 26 GHz By Ishan Patel Master of Science in Electrical Engineering In this project an amplifier is designed to obtain a flat gain response over an octave of Ka-K band frequency. One octave of frequency range is 13 GHz to 26 GHz. So, the center frequency is chosen to be 20 GHz, and two maximum gain amplifiers are designed where both are connected in a balanced configuration. Amplifiers are designed by using transistor MGF4964L by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC which is a Low Noise GaAs HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor). To connect the two amplifiers in a balanced configuration Lange couplers are used as power divider at the input and as power combiner at the output. Microstrip lines are designed by using RT/duroid® 6010 LM by ROGERS CORPORATION, which has a high dielectric constant of 10.2 and suitable for high frequency applications. Verification of a circuit is done by using AWR microwave office and MATLAB software. Operating Frequency K band (13 GHz -20 GHz) VSWR 1 Bandwidth 1 octave Gain 10 dB Coupling configuration Lange Coupler