How Do Chinese K-12 Principals' Understanding of Instructional Leadership Change After Participation in a Professional Development Program in the U.s.

This study will explore the shifting of Chinese K-12 principals’ understanding of instructional leadership after participating in a professional development (PD) program at an American university. China’s recent educational reform requires school principals to further develop their instructional leadership skills in order to better implement new policies. A qualitative research method has been used in this study. Pre-program interviews and post-program interviews provided the comparison between participants’ baseline understanding and new understanding of instructional leadership. This research is important and will make a significant contribution to educational leadership because there is minimal research that examines PD programs for international participants. This study fills a gap in the literature by exploring Chinese principals’ understanding of instructional leadership before and after attending the PD program hosted by an American university. Thus, it will provide suggestions for both Chinese K-12 principals and American universities in terms of the improvement of future PD programs.


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