Angular dependence of compton scattering

The energy dependency of Compton Scattering and its differential cross section from the Klein-Nishina equation have been investigated. A collimated beam of gamma rays of 1.25 ± 0.08 Mev from Co60 was scattered by a medium thickness aluminum disk-shaped target. Secondly, radiation was detected as a function of 14 scattering angles. Experimental final energy values agreed to within 6.0 percent when compared with the theoretical values. Experimental differential cross section dependency agreed poorly, up to 34 percent difference, when compared with the Klein-Nishina values. Multiscattering and complicated geometry are shown to be the major source of this disagreement. Finally, a comparison was done using relative differential cross section. This eliminated the geometry errors inherent in the absolute measurement, resulting in decreasing percentage error down to 18.0 percent. The final source of error, multiscattering, can only be eliminated by using a very thin target, which will require a much longer data acquisition time.