To disclose or not to disclose: that is the question

The disclosure dilemma can be challenging for students with disabilities leaving a community college setting and entering the workforce. There is a general lack of knowledge regarding their rights and responsibilities concerning disclosure. Resources pertaining to disclosure are limited on the American River College Campus. Furthermore, disclosure is not part of the class curriculum for the Human Career Development 382, Study Strategies Class, which is designed for students with disabilities. Data for this project were obtained through professional journals, library resources, and EBSCO HOST. Articles, books, and workbooks were also reviewed along with information gathered from the World Wide Web. Interviews were conducted with faculty, staff, and students at American River College. A PowerPoint presentation and workbook were created to present to the students at American River College who are enrolled in the Human Career Development 382, Study Strategies Class. The presentation and workbook provide information and activities to help the students: understand disability and disclosure, self-determination, accommodations, the ADA and FEHA, and the advantages and disadvantages of disclosure as well as explore one's strengths and weaknesses.