Drug Trafficking & Human Trafficking 101: Strategies of the Past are Lacking Results

GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab

South America and East Asia are rising once again to dominate the global black-market economy. The cartels and organized crime groups of Latin America and East Asia have in recent years been seen cooperating together. These regions lack the appropriate authority, government, and infrastructure and are a breeding ground for illicit activities. These insurgent groups are no longer focused on just one as they continue to expand. These groups are now supplying everything from drugs and weapons to human beings in this lucrative industry. The drug trafficking and human trafficking industries are being interwove with one another. The issue is not improving nor are strategies and policies of the past yielding any sort of significant impact towards the eradication of both the human trafficking and drug smuggling industries. A new mindset is at play as the International community shifts it focus to alternative methods of combatting these industries.