Masters Thesis

Comparison of Kettlebell Jump Squats Vs Kettlebell Swings as Postactivation Potentiation on Vertical Jumps.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the PAP effect of kettlebell swings versus kettlebell jump squats on countermovement jump performance. The participants in this study were 7 female Division 1 basketball players (age = 19.14±1.86y, height = 172.21±10.46cm, mass = 70.56±7.25kg). A kettlebell that was 20% of the participant’s body mass was used for the conditioning activities, kettlebell swings (KBS) or kettlebell jump squats (KBJ). Three visits were completed to test each condition: control, KBS, KBJ. Participants completed 3 base line CMJs, then proceeded to the conditioning activity. The conditioning activity consisted of 5 repetitions followed by 1 minute rest, followed by 5 repetitions, then 3 minutes of rest before performing 3 CMJs. ANOVA tests indicated no significant interactions or main effects for any variable in CMJ performance. Although no significant differences were found, future research should examine the acute effects of these exercises with different critical variable manipulations.


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