Masters Thesis

Project Stop-Out: participant report and evaluation.

The pattern of attendance in American higher education is undergoing significant changes. Each year fewer students who graduate from high school in the spring enter college immediately in the fall and continue their enrollment on an uninterrupted basis to receive a baccalau- reate degree at the end of the traditional four-year period. A larger proportion of undergraduate registrants are "re-entry" students, beginning or continuing their education after a lengthy period away from formal education. In a world where attending college is no longer an automatic guarantee of future job security, where rapid societal change may necessitate several career changes in the course of a working lifetime, where more students are self- supporting and rely on part-time or full-time employment during the school year to make college attendance possible, and where the life divisions between education, work, and family are no longer as delineated or mutually exclusive, the university student in the mid-1970's presents the university with new challenges.

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