Choosing the right play

A successful running play should not always be defined by the amount of yards that is gained. The run is a powerful tool, and can help open up for longer plays down the field. When I decided to start watching games to find out a reasonable stat to look at, I noticed that big highlight run plays were often due to the fact that a player just made a nice move, and forced the defender to miss. Due to that, I decided to look at things previous to the snap and right after the snap, and see how these decisions could help lead to a more proficient running and passing game. To try and draw an idea on how the run affects the game, I looked at play making, and what the players decided to do post snap, and the plays that were called. In this paper I'll be looking at • Plays run on which quarter. • If there were any motion or shift change before the snap. • The use of play action and its effectiveness. • Why run the ball?


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