The influence of Technology Teacher Leaders in building capacity for technology integration in schools: a case study

The purpose of this study was to explore the factors that inhibit or support teachers leaders who support their colleagues as they learn to use and integrate technology in their classrooms. A mixed-methods approach was used to gather quantitative and qualitative data from participants in the Pewter Unified School District’s Technology Teacher Leader Program. Collection of the district’s survey data and artifacts were used to highlight the necessary conditions needed for TTLs to be effective in their role. The research questions were designed to highlight the challenges and supports technology teacher leaders (TTLs) confronted when trying to lead from within and out of their classrooms. TTLs, principals, and teachers contributed their experiences and reflections on their involvement their district’s Technology Teacher Leaders Program, which were analyzed for emerging themes. This study aimed to add to the body of research on effective models of support for teacher leaders charged with modeling the use and integration of technology in their own and their colleagues’ classrooms. The findings suggest teacher leaders of technology who lead from within the classroom need reliable technology, timely technical support, release time from their classrooms during the day to model teaching with technology for teachers, and more opportunities to facilitate authentic learning opportunities that include hands on practice with integration technology.