This thesis brings together three shorter plays, "Reverse Intimidation," "Collectors," and "Chandra," each of which I've been working for some time. Each play explores the courage and the fragility of women. "Reverse Intimidation" is based on personal experience with the secret service that took place on one of my travels to Cairo, Egypt. The "Collectors" is a play based on true stories told by both my grandmothers of their experiences as children during the Armenian Genocide. "Chandra" on the other hand, is about growing old, finding inner peace, and regretting nothing and everything. It wasn't difficult recognizing the similarities in all my female characters, but the notion of bringing these plays together was very overwhelming. My passion for playwriting started with The Cryptogram by David Mamet, The Dumbwaiter by Harold Pinter, Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht, and Far Away by Caryl Churchill. I also think that age and experience have played a pivotal role in how I think and write. The courage that comes with age takes a person on an unknown journey for which one might not be ready for in the physical sense, but one is willing to fearlessly endeavor in the spiritual sense, since one is no longer worried about the aesthetic aspects of one's self. Initially, "Collectors" was going to be a play about certain women during a specific historical period; however, I decided to integrate women of different age groups and different time periods from my plays making appearances though-out the play. I believe history has a way of repeating itself. No matter where in the world, women under extreme conditions learn to adapt and survive. Women have found ways to challenge their natural abilities against the masculinity of society's expectations to conform and abide by. Women are not commodities, yet society dictates otherwise hence the title "Collectors." Virginia Wolf said, "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." I'm hoping that women writers including myself can change that one day.