Technology Drives Professional Development: Technology Integration in a Professional Learning Community to Improve Student Learning

As teachers take on more roles during the school day, the push for efficiency is crucial. Teachers spend a lot of their time in professional development and professional learning communities trying to obtain knowledge and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Many teachers appear overworked and struggle to help their students achieve academic success. Teachers are tired and confused as to why students are not making the grade. So often concepts are taught and misunderstood by students. Teachers feel defeated by the results of under achieving students. Educators too often say they’ve taught the reading and English Language Arts skill to the best of their ability but are confused as to why students are still underperforming. This project was developed to help teachers become more efficient at spending their time addressing student mastery of the standards that student do not understand. This tool will help teachers to analyze data and reteach the standards students do not know in order to improve academic success for all their students.