Centering the margins: exploring women of color participation in the SlutWalk movement

The SlutWalk movement was a direct response to a Toronto police officer’s statement that women should avoid dressing like sluts so they do not get raped. While the marches focused on reclaiming the term ‘slut,’ SlutWalk organizers’ mainstream feminist agenda limited women of color from actively participating in ways that link their sexual violence to institutionalized violence. While women of color critiqued the movement, they still actively engaged with the movement through a combination of online and in-person participation. A content analysis of online participation by women of color illuminates their complicated relationship with SlutWalk more clearly and their goal to challenge the dominant narratives in mainstream feminist movements. The exploration of online and in-person participation, helps us understand women of color engaged with SlutWalk as a way to resist erasure, bring visibility to critiques, and steer movement toward a more inclusive future.