Masters Thesis

Promoting a sustainable future for a rural nonprofit social service agency: creating a model sustainability plan

This project has focused on the development of a financial sustainability model planfor rural nonprofits. This plan has been developed based on current recommended best practices, while incorporating the specific considerations or rural communities. The documented plan has been written so that the nonprofit staff or volunteers may review and choose parts for use that fit their organization. Key themes included in the plan are: board member involvement, mission and vision, programs, challenges, accounting software, branding, fundraising, sponsorships and events, donors, tactics and methods of fundraising, engaging social media, and not buying the shiny new fundraising idea. Combining new ideas with existing methods offers readers the opportunity to pick and choose the parts of the model that will fit the challenges their organizations face. The plan should be used with flexibility in mind, allowing the reader to adapt any section they choose to fit the specifics of their organization. The full plan is provided in the appendix.