Self regulation for weight control

The area of weight control has been studied medically and psychologically, with very little success reported. Behavior modification programs, based on learning principles and their application, have reported some success in long term weight control. This study was an attempt to compare a group program which included effective aspects of the behavior modification programs with a group program using the same overall program elements with the addition of home mediators. The standard group received knowledge of results and recognition for success in the group setting. The other group received recognition in the form of points dispensed by a "significant other" in the home environment. Results indicated the nonmediated group program was more effective in obtaining weight losses for the period when the groups were meeting. Long term results are not yet available. The failure of the mediators to perform was felt to be the poor performance of the mediated groups. There was also a finding of an interaction between the program and the group leader. Of the two group leaders, one was more effective with mediated subjects, and the other was more effective with the standard program. The main difference between the two leaders appeared to be their experience with behavior modification and group work.