Graduate project

Deaf leaders in America

This is one of the questions most often asked by young deaf men and �women. In our schools for the deaf, students read about many leaders, but very seldom do they read stories about deaf leaders in different professional areas such as education, science, medicine, and sports. Deaf Leaders In America is a collection of fourteen biographical stories of successful deaf American leaders. It is hopefully, the beginning of low-level, high-interest reading material for hearing impaired adolescent s evolving around the theme of deaf pride in our people, organizations, and institutions. The stories are brief, interesting , and informative , Sketches and pictures can be found throughout this project which add to the visual effect, Only a few successful deaf individuals ' stories have been told, but there are many others who will be considered when this project is expanded. These outstanding people will inspire and become models for many students in years to come. They will help provide models of leadership, that are so important if our youth today become deaf leaders of tomorrow.