Development of an Upstream Process Overview for Bioprocess Technicians Company X

Company X, Oceanside campus, is a bioprocessing company that manufactures biologics to treat patients with life threatening and serious medical conditions. With large number of new hires onboarding and a current expansion of its manufacturing facility, a process overview is valuable. In the past, new hires would attend company training which provided orientation, general safety review and basic knowledge of the company's history. Creating an Upstream classroom-based training and a resource document simplifying the process overview of the Oceanside campus will allow new hires to fully comprehend the basic knowledge of the Upstream process. Currently, the technical training group is evaluating the classroom training and resource document to use for their trainings. Once the first training is complete, it will be crucial to receive feedback from the trainees to reevaluate points of interest for future trainings. Furthermore, it is important to create a Downstream process overview that follows the same guidelines and points created for the Upstream overview to provide the same training throughout the whole manufacturing plant.