Globalization and education: the effects of teaching from a local viewpoint

The purpose of this project is to analyze issues that hamper Global education and gain a better understanding of differences between educating for a local viewpoint and educating for a global viewpoint. This project will analyze data from educators in Education and Government departments. I am interested in this topic due to my interest in globalization. My interest is in the changes taking place in the world caused by globalization. These changes have caught some countries unaware and other countries refuse to acknowledge the need for change. The problem is significant in many ways, especially when dealing with education. Curriculum changes have not happened to accommodate globalization. The problem is America is losing power and standing in the world community and the only way for this slide to reverse itself is for the educational system to teach in a global manner so that American citizens can be prepared to participate in the global community. This thesis will show the benefits of a global education and show how our citizens, through education, can participate in the world culture. This thesis will utilize grounded theory as a method of data analysis using interview data from professionals in the field of Teacher Education and Government departments from reputable universities around the world. The significance of this project will offer choices for change that could affect every school district and citizen in America.