Masters Thesis

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Precast Concrete Pavement

In this research, a study was conducted on the feasibility of replacement of concrete pavements with precast concrete pavements which will result in faster construction, thinner slabs and more durable life of the pavement. It was observed that precast concrete pavement provides longer construction season throughout the year and less congestion in traffic while carrying out maintenance of roads or reconstruction of roads. Furthermore, the main goal of this research is to analyze the Life cycle cost of precast concrete pavements over traditional method; by comparing various aspects such as initial cost comparison of precast concrete pavements over onsite casting, the methodology of construction, the material used, recurring cost, maintenance cost, life assessment and life expectancy. the cost of each parameter will be analyzed, and net present worth method will be utilized to find the current dollar value of both the pavement alternative. Also, a series of range analysis will be carried out with different discount rate, uncertainty cost and initial construction cost which will help us in deciding the range of different parameters in analyzing life cycle cost. Moreover, the results obtained after analyzing all the parameters are that precast concrete pavement is 20% more economical than onsite casting and can be implemented places where congestion is a major concern while carrying any construction activities.


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