Stuttering examined as a psychological deviation

A survey has been conducted in order to investigate how Speech Pathologists feel about the team approach, i.e., group psychotherapy used in conjunction with speech therapy in the treatment program of stutterers. Of further interest was whether the psychotherapy group should consist of all stutterers, and I also sought to find out what the Speech Pathologist knows about the psyche of the stutterer. A cover letter and questionnaire addressing the above issues in 11 questions posed in statement form, were mailed to 51 Speech Pathologists listed in the yellovr pages of Los Angeles County. The questionnaire provided space for both quantitative (multiple choice, scaled answer) and qualitative (written comment) responses, in order to explore ways in which the recipients feel about group psychotherapy in relation to speech therapy and what it could do for the stutterers as experienced by the Speech Pathologist. (See more in text.)

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