Silk and barbed wire constructions

Death moves through my work with the destructive teeth of barbed wire and the sensual hand of silk. It seduces, punctures, bludgeons, strangles. It grows tumors and ciphers senility. It scars the past and threatens the future. The work is a memoir and a memorial seeking formal structure. The structure is tense with antitheses: the barbed wire’s rigid containment against the silk’s supple fragility, the grey grid’s horizontal and vertical stability against the bright wire’s diagonal tipping, the texture’s tactile invitation against its pointed threats. Warm and cool greys emphasize surface, quiet and mystery. Colors used under veils of grey fabric or as linear elements woven on the surface create contradiction and ambiguity. The linear qualities come from strands of barbed wire, covered wire, strips of China silk and of silk screen “Silk,” which is really transparent polyester. Plaster is used for its dull roughness and as an adhesive to hold wire and fabric to the canvas. (See more in text.)