Masters Thesis

Suburban residential zoning: its evolution and behavioral implications.

There is a quiet revolution currently underway in this country. It is directed at the way land is used, or more specifically, at the land use decision-making process and the information that is used in the process. New tools are being proposed and utilized to replace or supplement the planning stalwarts—the community general plan and the zoning ordinance. The most notable example of a new tool is the environmental impact reporting procedure required be the Federal government and several states. A plethora of material is being developed which exhibits the revolution and attempts to deal with numerous problems associated with the use of land for urban purposes. They include issues such as the timing of development, environmental impacts, fiscal impacts, low cost housing, capital improvement programming, over-population, interim zoning, phased zoning, moritoria, and many others. They all focus around the management and control of growth. This study will present a hypothesis and test to see if it is currently being considered in this quiet revolution and if it warrants consideration in light of the problems which are currently being raised.

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