Solar boat team #1

The team will not be creating a solar powered boat from scratch but instead we will be optimizing the solar boat that was designed by the past year’s solar regatta boat team here at CMA. The aim of this competition is to put our engineering skills to the test by completing a series of races that will evaluate our boats endurance, speed, and maneuverability. To improve upon the current design of the solar boat we will be researching and implementing a new steering system, motors, batteries, drive train, and a frame design. Based on the last year’s performance in the competition, we have decided that these are the key components to change. In the competition last year, we placed in the middle of the pack for just about every race. Our boat could not maneuver well enough, so we decided a new steering system would help with that. Out boat was also significantly slower than other boats, so that can explain the rest of our concerns. By incorporating a new battery and motor with a better drive train, we can expect more power and thrust from our propeller. A new frame design can also help us with by making our boat lighter.