The Success Story of Strategies Incorporated in One Alternative School for the Success of Special Education Students

Every student is capable of learning. Students on the Autism Spectrum or students with other development disabilities may not be able to have all of their needs met in a traditional educational setting. Once a student is placed in an alternative setting where they feel safe, the learning in expedited. Students may be placed in an alternative setting for various reasons. They may be displaying behaviors that are impeding the learning of themselves or other classmates. These behaviors may be directly linked to their difficulty in the areas of communication and social skills. Once the students are taught communication and social skills and how to manage situations where they may feel anxious, they are able to attend to academic instruction and make strides in their academic achievement. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to create a brochure for a corporation that is helping students to reach their goals by teaching them communication and social skills through enrichment programs offered by one alternative school for the success of all students both now and in the future.