Student Research

Eco Friendly Dish Rack

New discoveries in the current sustainability movement are resulting in products which support environmental responsibility in ways that were never previously imagined. However, in a world where technology has created a fast-paced lifestyle, part of the weight of this movement involves enabling consumers to achieve this Eco trend through convenient methods. The eco Dish Rack product focused on providing a convenient eco-friendly product by allowing consumers the ability to neatly store clean dishware and repurpose the water which drains off of them to grow a plant of their choice. Our market research focused on interviewing students, faculty, and the local city population to help measure decisions for environmentally friendly products, price sensitivity, environmental consciousness, and use of a dish rack. The hypothesis was that creating an eco-friendly product that would conveniently repurpose water would achieve a simple eco-friendly method in an everyday activity such as washing dishes. The results opposed our hypothesis by showing that many interviewees were under the impression that the product completely solves the issues surrounding water waste when we were offering a simplified way to repurpose water. The research showed that the need that we addressed for the product is seen as important and the product itself is a valued idea, but skepticism keeps others from seeing it as an impactful solution for water conservation. Shifting focus on the convenience of the product and designing with the environment in mind rather than focusing on water conservation is the appropriate next step.


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