Jimbo Product Delivery Service

Product Delivery System is a convenient way to save time in shopping and receive your product immediately. The Jimbo Product Delivery System is an app that serves as a hub between the customers, stores, and drivers. This system helps to provide home delivery of product to the customers from the stores in less than one hour. Today’s other than limited stores such as Dominos, Amazon, and some restaurant using Uber food delivery system in some cities, we do not have this system. Using Jimbo Product Delivery System allows any customers to order products from any registered stores, closest registered drivers do the delivery and customer receive the product very fast. Basically, whenever a registered customers use an app, we receive their name, address details and the product they want to order. We record all the information. After taking the order from the customer, the app sends a notification to the appropriate stores to place the order. Then the app based on data collected in database find out which driver is free and close to send the pickup notification. The register driver picks up the products and deliver it to the customer. All the transaction will be supported by the app and based on customer payment stores and driver will receive their money.

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