Graduate project

Conversaciones academicas de matematicas: Building 5th Grade Spanish Academic Conversations

The purpose of this project is to create a Spanish Mathematic curriculum to use in a fifth grade Dual Language One-Way Immersion program. As Common Core State Standards (CCSS) exceed the cognitive demands of listening, speaking, reading and writing in all content areas, dual language education programs demand curriculum that aligns both content and language standards beyond Spanish Language Arts. Language learners are challenged to meet CCSS expectations in a second language and teachers struggle to find the necessary resources to do so. The designed curriculum aligns Mathematical CCSS and mathematical practices with Spanish Language Development standards and language practices. The designed unit explicitly teaches Spanish academic conversational skills through four student centered real world activities. This unit is intended to be used at the beginning of the school year as supplemental instruction in an effort to address students' struggle to sustain an academic conversation in the program's targeted language, Spanish. The curriculum provides Spanish language teachers with a Spanish mathematical curriculum that allows students the opportunity to apply learned mathematical concepts to real world situations while developing their Spanish oral and written proficiencies.