Raising Self-Esteem for Students with Special Needs: PowerPoint and Activity Book

The self-esteem of students has been shown to drop as they progress through K-12 education. The self-esteem of students with disabilities, who receive special education support, are shown to have lower self-esteems than their general education peers. Low self-esteem is associated with low academic performance. This project, Raising Self-Esteem for Students with Special Needs: PowerPoint Training and Activity Book, provides educators a three part training and with resources and activities to implement in the classroom in order to increase student self-esteem. This training includes three sections: (Part 1) fundamental and background information about self-esteem development, (Part 2) specific and targeted information regarding methodologies and distinctive process of the development of self-esteem, and (Part 3) participant training on proper implementation of the included activities and resources. The goal of this project is to train educators about how to spot and recognize low self-esteem in students, and also to equip educators with useful resources to effectively target the development of self esteem. The researcher has used research-based strategies to build the training, so as to best meet the need of students living with disabilities.